Personal Paleo Launchpad is now 14Four

Personal Paleo Launchpad is now 14Four

Now it’s easier than ever to start a healthy Paleo-based diet – and lifestyle, too!

The Personal Paleo Launchpad has been upgraded and is now called 14FOUR.

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The Personal Paleo Launchpad used to be the best way to get your feet wet and get started with a Paleo-based diet. But, now, we’ve made it even better with 14FOUR.

Thanks to the feedback from thousands of users, and based on my ongoing research, I’ve created an even easier to follow process for getting started. With 14Four you’ll:

  • Learn not only how to eat a Paleo-based diet, but incorporate the smartest Paleo-based principles into your life: sleep enhancement, stress management and even exercise.
  • Have all the support you need to ensure that you can make meaningful changes to your diet and lifestyle quickly and easily.
  • Get an even simpler day-by-day plan to follow including recipes, exercise videos and more.